UMBERTO ECO – philosopher, novelist, academic (University of Bologna, Italy): “Giuseppe Raudino has written a doctoral dissertation on some aspects of my work and I have appreciated it very much. He gave me the impression of being a serious and promising young scholar, able to match rigorous research with a great intellectual curiosity, a very open mind and an ability to develop new ideas in the fields of literature and media.”

VLADIMIR GINZBURG – psychiatrist and painter, New York (Usa): “I enjoyed very much your article, ‘The Last Secrets of Caravaggio’ “.

PAOLO GIANSIRACUSA – professor of Art History (University of Catania, Italy) and honorary director of the Rosario Gagliardi Academy of Fine Arts of Siracusa (Italy): “Giuseppe Raudino is a scholar interested in historical, artistic and anthropological matters related to the folks of the Mediterranean area. He has attended, with a methodological rigour, inedited researches on visual arts of the modern age in Sicily, with a particular reference to Siracusa. The didactic contribution that Raudino gave to the formative activity of the university students at the Academy of Fine Arts of Syracuse is also praiseworthy.”

CATHY J. LINCOLN – commercial art student at Jefferson Community and Technical Colleges in Louisville, Kentucky (Usa): “I loved the essay on Caravaggio [published in the October 2006 issue of Art Times] whom I am learning about in my Art History class.”

SYLVIA WOLTERMAN – painter, photographer, visual artist and former student at the “Minerva” Academy of Fine Arts, Groningen (Holland): Giuseppe Raudino […] writes about art with great knowledge and dedication.


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