Giuseppe Raudino is lecturer in Media Theory and Media Skills at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Hanzehogeschool Groningen, The Netherlands).

You can find his academic profile here: http://hanze.academia.edu/GiuseppeRaudino

Correspondence address:

Giuseppe Raudino
Hanze University Groningen
School of Communication, Media & IT
Bachelor Programme International Communication
PO BOX 70030 – 9704 AA Groningen (The Netherlands)

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follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/GiuseppeRaudino
email: pepperaudino [at] hotmail.com
skype: giuseppe.hanze


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Until MorningUntil Morning by Giuseppe Raudino

Sons of the Erasmus generation, some young adults travel across Europe, from the gold southern beaches of Sicily to the appealing quietness of the northern regions, like Holland and Finland, passing through the astonishing beauty of a medieval Tuscany. Love and sex, hate and frustrations, delusions and aspirations are challenged by the omnipresent intercultural variable, which affects all the interactions and human relations between the characters.
The story is told making use of multiple perspectives that ultimately reveal a complex picture. The reader is given a set of fragments that must be put together in a mosaic of complicated affairs, struggles, dares and expectations.
Until Morning is eventually a lighthearted account on young people’s life, but, above all, it is a novel that tells how prejudices, biases and stereotypes are hard to die.

book cover Until Morning by Giuseppe Raudino

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